Fruit Melody | Tea Bags – 20×1.5g Foil Envelope

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This item contains a selection of 5 fruit flavoured black teas – 4 Tea Bags from each:

Forest Fruit – Bursting with lusciously ripe wild berry flavours and enhanced with real forest fruit pieces, expertly blended with our premium Ceylon black tea.

Blueberry Delight – All the juicy tang of ripe blueberries with the delicate sweetness of real cherry pieces gently fused with our specially selected Ceylon tea.

Sunny Lemon – An invigorating blend of sun-ripened sweetness with the zesty tang of real lemon peel, infused into our superb Ceylon tea.

Peach Orchard – Savour the delicately perfumed, sweet flavour of freshly picked peaches, infused into our outstanding Ceylon tea.

Creamy Soursop – Creamy and comforting with the rich, tropical taste of exotic soursop, sweetly fused with our prized Ceylon tea blend.

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Additional information


Flavoured black tea


Individually wrapped foil envelope tea bags 5x4x1.5g

Net Weight

30 grams / 1.06 oz






Uda Pussellawa


Forest Fruit – Ceylon black tea*, forest fruit flavour, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, blackberry pieces

Blueberry Delight – Ceylon black tea*, blueberry flavour, blueberry pieces, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces

Sunny Lemon – Ceylon black tea*, lemon flavour, lemon peel

Peach Orchard – Ceylon black tea*, peach flavour, peach juice granules

Creamy Soursop – Ceylon black tea*, creamy soursop flavour.
*The black tea used in this product is Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

Brewing Instructions

1 tea bag for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 100° C.


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